//What is coffee capsule?

What is coffee capsule?

Enjoying fresh coffee brings its own troubles.The price per cup can be high, compared to instant coffee. And if itis not from your regular coffee place, chances are that you may notlike how it tastes. Solve these problems with the Boncafe automaticcapsule coffee machine. Get one and appoint yourself your very ownin-house barista.

A coffee capsule is also known as asingle-serving coffee container, as it is designed to be used onlyonce. Capsules are a descendant of the pods. They are great atpreserving the taste and the aroma of coffee. This innovation is alsoideal for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

To make our coffee capsules, high-grade arabicaand robusta beans are first sourced from reputable sources inThailand. These beans are roasted in a special process to givedifferent flavors. Each Capristta coffee capsule contains 8.5 grams ofcoffee. This is a greater quantity than regular capsules on themarket. Users can enjoy a more intense coffee as a result.

PP-EVOH-PPplastic is used to produce the container capsules. This high barrierworks against residual humidity and is resistant against high heat. Agas-flushing technique is used at the final stage of packaging.Nitrogen is used to flush air out, thereby minimizing oxidation andpreserving the freshness and the aroma of the coffee inside.