//Boncafe Milk Frother

Boncafe Milk Frother


An automatic double-headed milk whipping machine that makes perfect whipped cream from milk, hot or cold.

The machine consists of 2 main parts. The first is the control hub where you can switch between Hot Mode-to make hot whipped cream, Hot chocolate with milk, or simply just hot milk and Cold Mode to make whipped cream from cold milk. and the second is the 0.25 litre tank with MIN and MAX liquid level gauges.

  • The body can be washed in the dishwasher and easy cleaning
  • Automatic or manual shut-off, overheating and dry protection 2-3 minutes brewing
  • When making milk foam, the temperature is around 60 degrees Celsius
  • When making chocolate, the temperature is around 70 degrees Celsius
  • Patent product
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